The Family Cinellis

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My regular road ride is this Cinelli Super Corsa which I purchased in 1961. The 57 cm frame (Colombus SL tubing) was ordered through Spence Wolfe (Cupertino Bike Shop) by John Denham and was delivered in 1961. John had the bike about 3 months when he suffered a serious knee injury and had to sell it. John's original build included:

The original finish was metallic light blue paint, chrome stays and lugs, white cotton handlebar tape, and white pump. I reluctantly had it repainted in the late 70's and I'm still waiting for that lottery win to get it restored. Currently, only the headset, brakes, and seatpost are original. The present drivetrain consists of Shimano 105 derailleurs, Phil Wood bottom bracket, Shimano 6 cog freewheel, TA Pro 5 Vis cranks (the 'cyclotouriste') with 3 chainrings, and (temporarily) Wellgo flat bmx pedals. The wheels have Campagnolo Record low flange hubs, 36h in front and 40h in the rear, with SuperChampion clincher rims and 700c/35 tires. The 'Dream' bars and 'Technomic' stem are from Nitto. I also have a set of the Cinelli fenders made especially for the S.C.'s.

This Cinelli S.C. was purchased from Spence Wolf (Cupertino Bike Shop) by Kathy Martinich in 1969. It wasn't a custom order, but, a Spence-buildup in-shop item. Two components that stand out are the crankset and the rear derailleur. The crankset is a Specialites T.A.'Criterium' with cottered aluminum alloy cranks. The rear derailleur is a Campagnolo Nuovo Record modified by Spence for alpine gearing. The bicycle has all original finish, decals, and components with the exception of the clincher rims. (The original Fiamme sew-up rims have been saved.) The hubs are wide flange Campagnolo Record. The pedals are the classic Campagnolo Stradas. Bars and stem are Cinelli. The centerpull brakes are Universal. The seatpost and bar shifters are also Campy. The bike is now in the care of our son, Anton.

In 1978, Cino Cinelli sold his company to Antonio Colombo of Colombus Tubi and Colombus has continued to make the Super Corsa steel frame (with a brief hiatus in the 80's) into the present. This Colombus-made Cinelli S.C. was obtained from Paul Brown (Cycle Dynamics) by Anton Martinich in 1996. That's Anton on the left and Paul on the right in the photo. Paul built up the bike with the following components:

A relatively modern bicycle, but, with the distictive fork, seat cluster, chrome lugs and stays, it is still recognizable as a Cinelli Super Corsa.