Jim Manning's Scrapbook

Jarue 'Jim' Manning raced with Oscar Juner's San Francisco Wheelmen from 1949 to 1954. (For most of this time he was licensed as a junior with the Amateur Bicycle League of America.) This was a period of low public interest and sparse participation in the sport of cycling. Professional bicycle racing, mainly 6-Day events, had all but disappeared by the end of WWII. However, a signifigant amount of coaching and mentoring was being done by 6-Day veterans. Thus, at this time in Northern California racing, the focus was on the track. There was a wooden velodrome in San Jose and the multi-purpose track at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park. And, there were occasional races held indoors in auditoriums on a portable board track operated by San Jose Velodrome owner, Murphy Sabatino. There were road events too, usually shorter and flatter than today's races, where fixed gears were often the norm. Fortunately, we are allowed a peek back to this time as Jim, now a professor emeritus of microbiology at U.C.Davis, kept a scrapbook during his racing days and has very kindly allowed me to scan it and put up this page.

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San Jose Velodrome
Riders from left to right: Nick Magi, Don Peterson, Louie Rondoni, Dick Andersen (in GI helmet), Rich Whitton , Richie O'Brien, Dave Rhoades.
Photo by Justin Scammon.

Future olympians, Ronnie (l.) and Dave Rhoades (r.) raced while on active duty in the U.S. Navy

A San Francisco Wheelmen newsletter from 1955.

Richie O'Brien and his father/coach, Henry "Cocky" O'Brien at the 1951 California State Championships held at Golden Gate Park's Polo Fields.
Photo by Justin Scammon.

The SF Wheelmen roller race was a regular feature at the annual Sports, Travel and Boat Show in the Civic Auditorium. From l. to r.- Fernando-?, Galvin-?, Hal Scammon, Jim Manning.

San Francisco Wheelmen Juniors at the San Jose Velodrome. L. to r.- Howard Hansel, Robert Hansel, Hal Scammon, Joel Hedgepeth, John Parks, Jim Manning, Bert Pederson, Glen Fernandes, Gerald (or Jerrald) Louis/Luis.
Photo by Justin Scammon, October 8, 1950.

A rainy start for the 50 mile Monterey Handicap Road Race in 1951. That's the Rhoades brothers 3rd and 4th from left.

Denver's Dick Stoddard, 15, won the race with a 7.5 minute handicap and scratch rider, Dave Rhoades, 19, claimed the fastest time.

The start of a 10 mile race with a sprint finish in Santa Clara County with American and Mexican teams. The three Yanks on the right are Ronnie Rhoades, Don Peterson, and Dave Rhoades.

Oscar Juner with (left to right) Howard Hansel, Hal Scammon, Oscar, and Jim Manning. Oscar, a former 6-Day racer, was the guiding spirit behind the San Francisco Wheelmen.

Racing news from the San Jose Mercury, Aug. 18, 1951. The "Merc" was one of the few newspapers to cover bicycle racing during this period of low race activity.

More from the "Merc". "Eight Bike Teams..." continued- Plus Gus Gatto leads the Nationals. Gay Juner is not so fortunate.

The SF Wheelmen's juniors and mentors/coaches: (l. to r.) Howard Hansel, Robert Hansel, Hal Scammon, Joel Hedgepeth, John Parks, Jim Manning, Bert Pedersen, Glen Fernandez, Gerald Louis/Luis, George Wolf, Jack Calvin, Oscar Juner, Henry Goede, and Australian legend, Stan Bransgrove. Wolf, Oscar, and Bransgrove were 6-Day veterans.
Photo by Justin Scammon, October 8, 1950.

San Jose Mercury, Aug. 25, 1951, plus bonus photo.

"Rhoads, Angell..."continued-

Howard Hansel

The Oakland and S.F. races were promoted by San Jose Velodrome's Murphy Sabatino who used a portable board track for those events.

Don Peterson was a fixture in the Nor Cal cycling scene for decades.
Photo by Justin Scammon, 1951.

The Western Wanderers were a San Francisco based touring club.

The Call Bulletin reports on a day out with the Western Wanderers.

Jim Manning and Hal Scammon display their thespian talents with a faked crash.