Forest Hill Divide

To satisfy my curiosity about how well mountain bikes could perform in snow, I drove up to Foresthill (at 3228 ft.) in Placer County after a good winter storm brought the snow level down to about 2000 ft..

Curiosity satisfied! Mountain bikes with the usual knobbies aren't practical transportation in snow or on ice.

A likely downhill! This is Mosquito Ridge Road which turns right and downhill just as you reach Foresthill. The surface of the asphalt wasn't frozen so it was just a matter of picking your groove (and staying in it).

Looking south from the Forest Hill Divide. This is the canyon of the Middle Fork of the American River.

Mosquito Ridge Road descends into the canyon of the Middle Fork. This is looking southeast.

Looking back uphill on Mosquito Ridge Road. Note the roadcut. These areas got interesting on the way back up since they were shaded much of the time- the road surface started freezing. Bad traction!

This is Circle Bridge which crosses the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the American River. (seriously!) This was 10 miles and 1800 ft. below Foresthill and was a good time and place to turn around and ride back up the hill. As you can see this is not a practical ride in snow but probably a good road ride in good weather.

Middle Fork of the American River