The San Gregorio Time Trial

From the Redwoods to the Artichokes

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The San Gregorio Time Trial, held in the Spring of 1964 by my club, Pedali Alpini, was the first A.B.L. of A. sanctioned event for the Northen California district's racing season. The course was 3 laps, laid out east and west, on the road connecting San Gregorio and La Honda. It was a typical Spring day on the coastside with a well developed marine layer and a brisk onshore wind. There was a good turnout of 33 riders including 5 juniors. There was a particularly strong contingent from the two East Bay clubs, the Berekeley Wheelmen and the recently formed Club Endspurt. I was there, along with Erik Weber to photograph the event for our district's cycling magazine, the American Cycling Newsletter. The Newsletter, under Peter Hoffman's guidance, would eventually evolve into Bicycling Magazine. Photos by Erik Weber or those submitted by visitors have credits, all the rest are mine. Comments, corrections, and, especially, identifications are welcome at Great Valley Images

Jumping off of the line on the first of three laps.

Speedy Dave Baruch from the Berekeley Wheelmen

Peter Hoffman (Club Endspurt) heads into the wind after the La Honda turn

Owen Mulholland writes: 'I got 8th place in the seniors (I can be so sure because I still have the silver plate handed out by Howard Higgenbotham's dad.), and while I don't remember the moment, I suspect what's happening in the picture is that Don Howarth has just passed me before the turnaround and we're both grabbing the brakes. I do remember an incident late in the race hearing someone coming up on me. I looked back over my right shoulder and saw no one. In that second Dave Brink blew by me on my left!'

Harry Cravens (Pedali Alpini) makes the San Greg turn.

Erich von Neff (San Francisco Wheelmen). Check out Erich's writing at Half Moon Bay Memories

A Belmont B.C. rider (Barney Pugh?) turns at the San Greg turn.

Les Ruh on his Masi, a marque recently brought to the Bay Area by Berkeley's Peter Rich

Mike Jeffries (Pedali Alpini) was Nor Cal District track champion.

Riding into the wind. Note that the road is not closed to motor vehicle traffic.

A warmly dressed Al Muller (Berkeley Wheelman) at the La Honda turn.

And here's the San Greg turn again.

Larry Walpole (Belmont B.C.) makes the San Greg turn

Steve Hammond (Berkeley Wheelmen) sports the latest in hi-tech head protection.

Jim McCann (Pedali Alpini) gives the photographer a dirty look.

This looks like a Los Gatos B.C. rider making the La Honda turn.

Dave Baruch (Berkeley Wheelmen) admires his first trophy of the season. Note the reworked Brooks B-17.

Race organizer Jim McCann announces the results. The dapper fellow in the skimmer is district A.B.L.of A. rep, Wally Gimber and that's his wife Kathleen.

Larry "The Limey" Walpole was the motivating spirit behind the Belmont Bicycle Club.

The rider in the snazzy socks is Steve Lubin, a Nor Cal junior road champ. The spectators are Tom Maddock (L.) and Peter Bellew (R.).

Tom Preuss, the cyclist who turned our semi-clandestine Tour Del Mar road race into a public event by hiring the I.D.E.S. hall and holding a dance with the Quicksiver Messenger Service and The Grateful Dead after the race.